At Ecopoise, our team of experts, understand the different requirements of each area in the hospitality industry.



Bed bugs and other biting insects pose the biggest pest threats to hotel accommodation.

All hotels are at risk, especially those with a large number of international travelers or tourists that move between different hotels on a regular basis.

Early detection and innovative solutions are key. Ecopoises's chemically-free heat treatment for insects ensure that bed bugs do not spread to other parts of your building.

On top of a treatment and prevention, we can help you to train your staff to check for bed bug signs to ensure early detection.

Kitchen and Dining Areas


Mice, rats, flies and cockroach problems have a high chance of spreading in the kitchen, restaurant and other dining areas. These type of pests also carry diseases, you don't want that near your food!

Proactive treatment is essential in these areas and will be expected by environmental health inspections.

We understand food safety legislation, which regulates businesses handling and serving food – as set out by the Food Standards Agency, HACCP regulation and monitoring.

Other Areas


Other areas like sports facilities or back-of-house areas are at lower risk of pest infestations, but will be included as part of our regular servicing plan and inspections.


Bird deterrence and proofing against rodents and other wildlife will be included in our service to treat and prevent pest problems on your property and garden.



Rapid response - our rapid response commitment means that your technician will be with you quickly to sort out the pest problem.



Tailored solutions - designed specifically for each hotel area and to prevent any pest activity indoors and outside.



Dedicated scientific team - provide expert knowledge on pests and the most effective control methods.



Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - comply with all legislative standards and any audit requirements.



Innovative solutions - including our chemically-free heat treatment for bed bugs.



Integrated service plans - our plans are based on specific threats and your particular needs. Your local technician will regularly visit your premises to check bait stations, look for signs of pest activity, identify potential risks and advise on any steps to reduce the risk of future pest problems.



Pest awareness training - we provide training for house-keeping staff to help spot the early signs of a pest problem, enabling quicker and more effective treatments.



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