Pre-Construction or Soil Treatment involves building an anti-termite barrier underneath the building structure as protection against damage caused by Subterranean Termites. This treatment is done before the building is constructed. With the use of hydraulic spray nozzles, the sites are treated with a water-based termiticide before the concrete slabs are laid on the ground.

The non-repellent termiticide kills the subterranean termites by contact and ingestion. Termites that come into contact with the termiticide experience the “slow kill” and upon their return to the colony, they transfer it to the nest. Treatment has limited effectiveness if carried out when the soil is saturated, excessively wet, or when it's likely to rain.

Ecopoise Soil Treatment

Our technicians are experienced and well-equipped to carry out soil treatments for your premises safely and systematically to ensure high effectiveness. Nonetheless, to give our customers greater assurance, we warrant the effectiveness of our treatment for six (6) years and undertake the responsibility to carry out re-treatment should there be a re-infestation of Subterranean Termites within the building during the warranty period.





FREE site survey - we will carefully survey your entire office space to assess the risk level and define an appropriate service to ensure a pest problem does not take hold.



Rapid response - our rapid response commitment means that your technician will be with you shortly to deal with the pest problem.



Regular visits - our local technician will regularly visit your offices to check bait stations, look for signs of pest activity, identify potential risks and advise on any steps you can take to reduce the risk of pest problems.



Multi-site contracts - multiple sites can all be incorporated into a single service agreement with an account manager to coordinate service delivery across your offices. Each individual site will still have its' links to local technicians and surveyors.



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