Ecopoise offers a ceiling vacuuming and roof cleaning service, as well as a pest control service. We will go into any roof or attic to vacuum and remove dirt, faeces, nests and carcasses of pests. 

Ecopoise will  install bird-netting and bat-proofing in the part of a roof that meets or overhangs the walls of a building, the roof, and along the wall lines of a building in order to control a recurring pest infestation problem.

Ecopoise will also remove old roof insulation material to prepare your ceiling for a new installation of thermal material.


Ecopoise will remove the dust, dirt and rubble left behind from building, building repairs, plumbers, electricians, alarm technicians and roof insulation installations.


Roof/Attic Cleaning and Moss Removal



Exterior Cleaning and Moss Removal

Moss, algae & lichen left untreated looks unsightly. It can also damage certain roof tiles, and contribute to blockages in roof gutters. This will lead to further maintenance problems and costs.

Removing moss, algae and lichen need not be an expensive operation. The actual cost for removal depends on the extent of moss coverage, height of the roof and accessibility. 

We hydro clean your roof, removing all moss, lichen, algae, fungi, dirt and pollutants. In addition to this we clean and unblock all gutters, down-pipes, drainpipes and drains. We clear all remaining traces and prevent the regrowth of moss, algae and lichen.

Ecopoise will also wash your roof on the outside to clean off old bird droppings and clear any blocked gutters. 

Rats in your roof?

Dangers of Rodents

In the past century alone, more than 10 million people have died from rodent-borne diseases.  Although rodents are not major threats to our everyday health, there is still a reason for concern due to the potential risks of rodent transmit diseases. Rodents make excellent hosts for harboring, transporting and transmitting diseases.

Lyme Disease 


Description: Skin lesions, fever, headaches, arthralgias

Carrier: All rodents

Mode of Transmission: Rodent tick bite


Salmonella (Food Poisoning)


Description: Causes intestinal disorders

Carrier: Rats, Mice

Mode of Transmission: Rodent feces contamination


Rat-Bite Fever


Description: Relapsing fever that may last several months

Carrier: Rats, Mice

Mode of Transmission: Bacteria in mouth and nose of rodent, transmitted via bite or scratch




Description: Fever, headache, rash, respiratory attack

Carrier: Rats, Mice

Mode of Transmission: Rat flea bite




Description: Attacks circulatory & respiratory systems

Carrier: Various rodents

Mode of Transmission: Rodent flea bite or by handling an infected animal


Pox (Rickettsial)


Description: Lesion followed by fever, headache, rash

Carrier: House Mouse

Mode of Transmission: Bite of a mite which lives on mice


For more info and other diseases caused / carried by rodents - click "here" 


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