Food Processing


At Ecopoise, we understand it's critical to maintain a pest-free environment in your food processing and manufacturing facility. Food and beverage production and packaging demand the most stringent standards of quality and hygiene. Fouling or contamination of food or raw materials from even minor pest activity is unacceptable.

Pest prevention, early detection and effective control are essential to comply with ever-tightening policies and regulations. 

As industry experts, we will work with you to meet your industry's rigorous audit standards and protect your valuable reputation. A pest infestation can have a serious impact on your business, affecting your stock, reputation and customer reviews. This may result in loss of revenue, loss of customers, claims for compensation and even prosecution.



Stored products are at a large risk of becoming infested by insects. Businesses that handle cereals, rice, grains or dry food products are potentially at risk of infestations.

These SPIs can infect items such as flour, rice, barley and dried fruits and nuts. There are many different species, from grain weevils to rust-red flour beetles that can damage raw materials and contaminate finished products - resulting in both product and financial loss.

Rodents can also contaminate food facilities. Our experts can advise on the use of appropriate monitoring or non-toxic systems in highly sensitive production and storage areas where the use of poisonous bait for rodent control is not permitted.



Tailored solutions - designed specifically by an expert team for your facility. Solutions are customized to your needs, The particular pest threats are taken into account according to the type of food processing (ambient, chilled, etc.), ingredients and food products.



Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - our Integrated Pest Management system allows us to identify and react quickly to infestations. This approach is led by our expert field biologists who support our technicians and advise your onsite staff on prevention and eradication. Our methods are in line with industry's regulations and auditing standards.



Dedicated scientific team and field biologists - offer support with independent QA inspections and pre-audit reports, as well as specific issues if required.



Legislation and auditing support - our in-depth understanding of the legislative requirements for the food industry regarding pest control, HACCP and South African regulation.


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