Supermarkets & Food Stores


A supermarket is no place for a pest. Any sign of pest activity can seriously harm your name and influence the public eye. It also poses a serious health risks in areas where fresh food is handled.

At Ecopoise, our pest control solutions for food retailers provide the reassurance of complete protection from pest problems.


We have experience in helping supermarkets with their pest problems and providing effective solutions to manage an infestation safely and effectively. 

Pest Control Solution


At Ecopoise, we understand the importance of good pest control to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for employees, customers and visitors.


Recognising the food retail industry with a zero tolerance to pests, we provide a dedicated team of High Dependency technicians.

Their expertise and industry knowledge will help to plan the most effective pest control service for your supermarket, minimart or local food retail shop.


Our understanding of food legislation will ensure that our service enables you to comply with all legal obligations.



Full site inspections - as part of our regular service visits, our highly independent technician will fully inspect all areas in and around your store. Any pest activity or pest risks will be identified.



Innovative treatments - our research and development team has developed a range of proven solutions to solve any issue with minimal disruption.



Recommendations - will be documented as well as highlighted to staff on the site. It will include advice on working practices and procedures to reduce the risk of pests entering the store or becoming a problem.



Local Food Retailers - We support smaller, local grocers and other food retailers such as butchers and bakers with professional control solutions for common pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches and flies. 



Bakeries -  may face particular problems from Stored Products Insects (SPIs) and our innovative, chemically-free, heat treatment offers the ideal solution to these insect pests.

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